Product Updates - Week 34

Product Updates – Week 34

🚀 New Features

  1. Add Supplier SKU to products

Sometimes, the suppliers of the products use different SKUs than the shop uses. In this case, when the shop shares the draft purchase order, the supplier may demand to see its own SKU codes to be able to process the purchase order easily. That’s why supplier SKU codes should be present in product attributes.

Fabrikator allows you to store supplier SKU codes under each product as well as your own SKU codes. These supplier SKU codes will be presented in your purchase orders including pdf and excel files of the purchase order. To define supplier SKU, please visit the Products page, pick the product you want to update, and use the Edit section to store supplier SKU.

🔊 Chores

  1. Improvement on product autocomplete results

With this improvement, the product autocomplete input on purchase order forms started to show matched products when SKU or barcode number is entered as a search input.

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