Product Updates – Dec 2022

šŸš€ New Features

  1. The settings page and Notification Settings are live
    You can now control who gets which emails from Fabrikatƶr in the freshly designed Settings page. Visit your Settings page or checkout the documentation to see details.

  2. Share your reports with your colleagues with a click
    You do not need to save your reports to be able to share them anymore. Just click on the share button and get a report link. Checkout the details

    Share a report without saving them

šŸ”Š Chores

  1. Archiving a purchase order stops all open backorder records.
  2. Implemented a granular data-fetching process to handle historical sales imports from Shopify.
  3. Handle big refund webhook response coming from Shopify

šŸ› Fixes

  1. Fix an error when deleting a line item from a purchase order if a backorder is enabled

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