Order Management Template Excel Spreadsheet (Free)

Excel order tracking program in our free document, our valuable readers, order tracking processes will allow you to manage over Excel, we offer a convenient and practical solution. Using the Order Tracking Excel document, you will be able to easily manage your order tracking list through Excel. If you are ready, let us introduce you to our order tracking program excel document.

Order Tracking Excel Spreadsheet Free Download

You can start using Excel by downloading the order tracking list excel document that we have prepared for you, our dear readers. In addition, using Google Sheets, you can track your orders online from anywhere. Click the button below to download the order tracking excel document.

Order Tracking Excel Spreadsheet

How to Use Tracking Order Excel Spreadsheet?

The Excel document we prepare for order tracking consists of Order List documents that will be created for each product separately. This means that for each product you produce, you need to create a copy of the Excel sheet that you will access within the document. Thanks to this program that allows you to follow the orders monthly, you can easily manage the orders of all your products.

Order follow Excel document consists of three main parts. These are the field in which the product information is entered, the field in which the order details are entered and the order table formed in the light of this information.

Product Information Area

In the three-line field where you enter the product information, you must enter the name of the product you want to follow, the month during which the order tracking process will be audited and the current stock information of the product at the beginning of that month. (Note: You must enter a numeric value in the Current Stock cell. You can customize your document by changing the unit field next to this cell.)

Order Details Area

The field where order details will be entered; This is the field where you will list all the orders you receive and receive during the production period you specify. If you want to expand this field, which is limited to 50 rows, you can enter as many rows as you need and expand your list by copying all formulas downwards from the last row.

On the Order Details section;

  • Order No: If there is a special number for the order you have received, it is the field where you enter it.
  • Date: This is the field where you will enter the date of the order.
  • Customer Name: This is the field where you enter the name of the customer who ordered you.
  • Order Quantity: This is the field where you specify the order quantity requested by your customer.
  • Completed Order: This is the field where you enter how many units of production you are performing from the order requested by your customer.

Completion Rate: is the area that will determine how much of your order you have completed as a percentage. When you fill in the fields listed above, the completion rate will be calculated automatically. You should not manually change this field.

Total Consumables: indicates the total of all orders you have received and made for that product. As you continue to fill out the Excel follow-up list, this cell will collect the top orders at each step and automatically show you the total production you made during that production period. You should not manually change this field.

Post-Order Balance: After all orders you make during the relevant production period, it shows you the current balance remaining from your related product. Once you have filled in the numerical fields completely and accurately, this column will be updated after each production process and will give you your final balance. You should not manually change this field.

Order Table

The Order Table field is an automatically prepared table when you fill in all the required fields in the order tracking excel document. Through this table, you can find out how many times and how many orders your customer has received from your product and view the average order amount. This gives you a valuable insight into future orders from your customer.

Order Tracking Excel Solutions are outdated.
Now there is a Fabricator.

Excel Order Tracking Program Free document, we offer you the opportunity to make order management through Excel in a simple way. But like you, we know that managing order lists with Excel is very difficult and laborious.

Aware of these needs, we have added a convenient and simple order tracking system to the Fabricator production management system. Thanks to the order tracking module in the Fabricator, you can easily manage all your periodic orders through a simple and convenient interface.

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