Increasing efficiency in both manufacturing companies and companies selling products is among the most emphasized issues in recent years. It is important for an enterprise to continue its normal activities without disrupting, but to achieve more advantageous situations than normal. In order to achieve this, many methods and strategies are developed. Some of these strategies developed are quite complex and require professional knowledge. However, there are some methods that are quite simple and easy to apply. Among these methods, 5S methodology comes to the fore.

What is 5S Methodology?

Providing order and organization within the workplaces is a situation that contributes to increasing efficiency. 5S methodology, which is a simple method that is used in order to ensure the operation of the business in a certain order, provides great convenience especially for small and medium sized enterprises. This method is not only for business areas; It aims to make all the living spaces of the business better and more usable. If it is followed closely, it achieves this goal to a large extent.

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What are the 5 S’s?

Factory workers and production process

The initials of the Japanese names of the concepts included in the 5S methodology caused this method to be named. The concepts that makeup 5S are:

  • Sorting (Seiri): There are many tools and equipment in the areas where the work is done. However, it is not possible to use all of these tools at the same time. Unused tools can lead to confusion in the workplace and risks in terms of job security. Therefore, tools that are not used and not needed at the moment should be eliminated.
  • Order (Seiton): It is important to eliminate unused tools. However, the more important thing is that the tools should be stored regularly while lifting them. In other words, when that tool is needed, it should be placed in a place where one can make a move.
  • Cleaning (Seiso): Some research shows that job efficiency and employee performance decrease in unclean environments. Residual residues, unnecessary parts such as garbage after the work should be removed continuously and care should be taken to keep the work area clean.
  • Standardization (Seiketsu): It is necessary to ensure the continuity of other elements. Sorting, editing, and standardization are not the processes to be made once and forgotten. For this reason, the activities should be standardized.
  • Discipline (Shitsuke): It is the control of the standards determined with the standardization step at certain intervals and preventing these activities from being disrupted.

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Long Term Savings of 5S’s

Senior Worker Choosing Tools

When implemented in the long term, the 5S methodology provides certain savings to the business. By sorting and arranging, the tools in the workplace are protected. In irregular work environments, tools can be lost and costs associated with purchasing new tools for the business. Savings should not be understood only as a material concept. The health of employees is guaranteed by cleaning. In this way, loss of workforce due to illness or injury is prevented.

Benefits of 5S Methodology

Factory worker discussing data with supervisor in metal factory

The 5S methodology, which is very useful for organizing and disciplining business areas, provides great benefits to businesses. The fact that the business area is always tidy ensures that the business process can continue without slowing down or problems. Thanks to this method, businesses prevent both material and labor losses. In addition, standardization and discipline methods ensure that this situation is continuous. In a regular working environment, employees also feel happy and can find the motivation they need to work. In addition, the possibility of accidents and injuries can be eliminated with this method. The expansion of the business area and the more efficient use of all areas is another benefit of this method to the businesses.

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